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  • Yuri Cataldo is a trailblazing entrepreneur, captivating keynote speaker, best-selling author, and innovative tech strategist, renowned for his eclectic background and extensive experience. With a unique blend of artistic and technological expertise, Yuri has been recognized as one of Indiana's 40 under-40 business leaders.


    His unconventional journey began as a classically trained set and costume designer (Juilliard/Yale/IU), earning credits across Broadway, Dance, Film, and Opera. He then pivoted to entrepreneurship, founding IndigoH2O, the only multi-award-winning bottled alkaline water in the world, and co-authoring the international bestseller on Bitcoin and Blockchain, "Be Left Behind."


    As a testament to his versatility, he has successfully launched a 3D-Scan-To-Print sunglass company that raised $1M on Indiegogo, designed the Creative Entrepreneurship program at Emerson College, co-created cutting-edge web3 projects at MIT, and established an international open innovation program. As a mentor at prestigious institutions such as Yale Tsai City, MassChallenge, Fintech4Good, and Tech Stars, Yuri's guidance has significantly impacted startups worldwide.


    His ventures have garnered attention at high-profile events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, and MTV VMAs, as well as in 260+ publications (Forbes, CNN, PBS, Indy Star, Boston Globe). As a sought-after speaker, he has shared his insights on Blockchain, PR/Media Relations, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Innovation at academic institutions, conferences, corporate gatherings, and with influential government officials around the globe.


    Yuri's exceptional achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he has been featured in renowned publications such as INC, Forbes, CNBC, Wired, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Variety, BuzzFeed, the Boston Globe, and many more. By inviting Yuri to speak at your event, you're securing a dynamic and inspiring thought leader who will leave a lasting impact on your audience. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the insights and expertise of this multifaceted entrepreneur and innovator.


    Currently, he is the co-founder/Managing Partner of Athenian Capital, an early-stage VC fund, and the co-founder/COO of ForumDAO, spearheading the fusion of web 2.0 and web3 technologies. His remarkable accomplishments and unorthodox background make him an ideal speaker to inspire, educate, and energize your audience.


    Speaking Topics include:


    • Unleashing Creativity: Harnessing the Power of Artist-Driven Communities

    • DAOs Unlocked: Shaping the Future of Collaborative Communities

    • Sales and Marketing Magic: Boosting Your Business Growth

    • Crafting a Winning Brand: Secrets to Award-Worthy Success

    • PR Powerhouse: Mastering the Art of Attention-Grabbing Publicity





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  • What Organizations are Saying About Yuri:


    "That was an outstanding webinar. The content was insightful, easy to understand, and extremely useful. It took me from being clueless to understanding the basics of cryptocurrencies. Absolutely one of the best "sessions" I've heard in years. Thank you very much.... is it possible to get a copy of this presentation? I think one benefit is to study and learn from it so that I can build what I've learned to the next level?"

    - Yale University



    " Excellent storytelling by lively Yuri! I look forward to the rest of the series"

    -Charred Accountants Worldwide



    "Yuri is someone we always learn something from and in a positive way. We are excited to learn and don’t feel small for not knowing. "

    -Autodesk Research


    "Yuri just gave us a masterclass in how to present a complex idea in a way that is easily understood."

    Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship


    "One of the top 5 speakers we've heard this year out of 120, and the most memorable."

    - MassChallenge Israel


    "Yuri provides clear and specific strategies on how to be a successful artist/entrepreneur, how to generate multiple streams of income, and how to develop a skill set designed to pursue opportunities in both theatre and business."

    - Valparaiso University)




    The Juilliard School

    2023 TBD

    Speaker: Arts Education and Entrepreneurship

    Autodesk TechX

    May 2023

    Speaker: Corporations and Web3


    2020 - Current

    Draper University - International

    2023 (March)

    Guest Lecturer: Sales & Marketing

    University of Oxford

    2023 (March)

    Speaker: Collaboration and Blockchain Education

    Draper University - International

    2022 (Nov)

    Guest Lecturer: Sales & Marketing - web 2 and web3

    Blockchain in Education

    2022 (Oct)

    Speaker: MIT Bitcoin Club and the future of blockchain education

    Charted Accountants Worldwide

    2022 (Sept)

    Keynote Speaker: web3 in 2022

    Draper University/NEO

    2022 (July)

    Speaker: Sales and Marketing in web3


    2022 (May)

    Keynote Speaker: Web3 and Supply Chain

    MassChallenge - Israel

    2022 (April)

    Featured Speaker: How to tell your story, launch your brand, and land free PR.

    Autodesk Research

    2022 (April)

    Speaker: web3 and the future of Manufacturing, Construction, and Media/Entertainment

    Suffolk University

    2022 (April)

    Speaker: Speaker: Intro to Blockchain/Bitcoin

    Yale University - International Alliance


    Keynote Speaker: Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFT's, DeFi, web3


    Nov '21: Understanding Blockchain

    Dec '21: NFT's

    Jan '22: DeFi

    March '22: web3 and The Future of Blockchain


    2021 (December)

    Speaker: Understanding Bitcoin

    Draper University/Algorand

    2021 (December)

    Speaker: Sales/Marketing for Blockchain startups

    Draper University/Algorand

    2021 (Oct)

    Speaker: Sales/Marketing for Blockchain startups

    Suffolk University

    2021 (Oct)

    Lecture: AI, Blockchain, and the Future of Fintech

    2021 (Oct)

    Speaker: What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and how will this technology change industries.

    Draper University

    2021 (Sept)

    Speaker: Sales and Marketing for EdTech

    Chartered Accountants Worldwide

    2021 (Sept)

    Featured Speaker for 2 nights: What is bitcoin/blockchain and what is the future of digital currencies.

    MassChallenge - Mexico

    2021 (Aug)

    Individual startup coaching for 25 LatAm startups

    Goethe Institute

    2021 (July)

    Speaker: Bitcoin, NFT's, and DAO for artists

    Boston Blockchain Association

    2021 (June)

    Speaker: How to get involved in blockchain even if you're not a programmer

    BILT Virtual 2021

    2021 (June)

    Speaker: Why Blockchain is the future of AEC

    MassChallenge - Isreal

    2021 (May)

    Speaker: PR for Startups

    Boston Blockchain Week

    2021 (May)

    Speaker: Speaker: How to get involved in blockchain even if you're not a programmer

    Yale - School of Drama

    2021 (May)

    Speaker: How to create your own path to a rewarding career

    Chainreaction - Boston

    2021 - February + March

    Speaker: Bitcoin 101 (Feb) and 102 (March)

    Suffolk University

    2021 (March)

    Lecture: AI, Blockchain, and the Future of Fintech

    Bryant University

    2021 (Feb)

    Speaker: Entrepreneurship and Funding Your Project (VC, Bootstrapping, ICO's/Crowdfunding

    Draper University/Tezos

    2021 (Feb)

    Speaker: DeFi

    Draper University

    2021 (Feb)

    Speaker: Marketing and Entrepreneurship

    World Boston

    2021 (Jan)

    Speaker: Open Innovation

    Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle - NYC

    2021 (Jan)

    Speaker: Open Innovation

    Babson University/CES Boston

    2020 (Dec)

    Speaker: Open Innovation

    Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Boston.

    2020 (Nov)

    Speaker: Open Innovation and the future of work

    Draper University

    2020 (Oct)

    Speaker: Business Strategy

    Suffolk University

    2020 (October)

    Speaker: The Future of AI in Finance

    Draper University

    2020 (July)

    Speaker: Marketing 101

    Accelerate Yale

    2020 (June)

    Panelist - Transformative Technologies: How COVID-19 Forced Change in Technologies Old and New




    2020 (June)

    Panel Speaker: Emerging Technolgy: Asia vs the US

    Masschallenge - isreal

    2020 (June)

    Featured Speaker: PR/Marketing


    2020 (May)

    Speaker: Personal Branding

    Yale University

    2020 (Feb)

    Entrepreneurship event - Build It and They Will Come.


    Panelist - Finance

    Innovation Leadership Panel

    2020 (February)

    Panelists speaking on corporate innovation to executives from Mitsubishi.

    SEA Conference

    2020 (Feb)

    Featured Speaker

    Tufts - Innovative Social Enterprises

    2020 (Feb)

    Guest Lecturer - Social Enterprises



    Malta Ai AND Blockchain Summit

    2019 (Nov)

    Making widespread adoption a reality. How start-ups should design their business model to attract users and investors.

    longy school of music

    2019 (Oct)

    Startup Coach


    2019 (Oct)

    Speaker: Future of Work

    Accelerate, Wentworth Innovation + Entrepreneurship Center

    2019 (Sept)

    Featured Luminary Speaker  



    Judge and Mentor

    135 Startup Battle, Boston



    Syracuse University - School of architecture

    2019 (April)

    Master Class lecture: Materiality: From Frocks to Fabrication

    Syracuse University - School of architecture

    2019 (April)

    Speaker: Inside-out Innovation - The Future of the Design, Building, and Construction Industries

    Tufts - Innovative Social Enterprises

    2019 (March)

    Speaker: Social enterprises and why startups fail.




    PRSA Boston Social Media Summit

    2018 (May)

    Speaker: Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

    Longy school of music

    2018 (March)

    Startup Judge

    tufts - Innovative Social Enterprises

    2018 (Feb)

    Speaker and Substitute Professor

    Bryant University

    2018 (Feb)

    Guest Lecturer - PR/Marketing strategies for launching an award-winning product


    Future of our Cities: Converging Generations

    2018 (Feb)


    yale - Entrepreneurship initiative

    2017 (Nov)

    Speaker: How artist can connect the dots between art and entrepreneurship

    Venture Café

    2016 (April)

    Lead Panel of 5 women on a discussion of Artistic Innovation and the struggles they face in the workplace.



    Featured Panelist about the Boston creative economy and education


    SEA Conference

    2015, 2016 (Feb)

    panelist and speaker on the following subjects:


    -Speaker – Shift Happens: What do you do when your plans fall apart

    - Panelist: How to find and work with clients

    -Panelist: Faculty Best Practices

    -Round Table leader: How to make money in Independent Film

    -Panelist: 1st steps in starting an artist business

    -One-on-one mentoring leader



    Art Entrepreneurship Educators Conference

    2015 (Sept)

    Speaker: How to use fear setting as a way to boost the productivity of your students.

    Stanford University


    Speaker: Creative Entrepreneurship

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